Wolfways: Wolf Education

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Together with Wolf Haven International in Tenino, Washington, Oregon Wild is proud to sponsor the efforts of Wolfways, a wolf education program designed for children Pre-K through 8th grade. Founded in 2014, Wolf Ways has reached over 7000 young people. Adult presentations are also available. 

Through lively interactive multimedia presentations – including video and audio clips, a replica wolf skull and track, wolf fur, a life size wolf and bull elk cutouts, and lots of pictures and wolf stories from the field – children will enter the world of wolves. Based on scientific research and observations, children will learn about:

"Your presentation was great! Our students learned SO much. Parents were very impressed with all they had learned and they all commented that their child taught them many new things as well. ... I was talking to a friend whose daughter is in preschool and she mentioned how her daughter's class had this great wolf presentation with a big wolf cutout come to their classroom - I am sure it was you! She said that her daughter talked about wolves nonstop after that! Thank you for coming to classrooms and sharing your wolf knowledge with everyone - it really has made a difference!"
-- Jessica Ekegren, 2nd grade teacher, Springville K-8 School, Portland, Or.

I loved the format: visuals- life size models, video, howling, LOTS of audience participation, objects to hold at the end, size comparison to elk, and the story of yearling and pups.  This is a wonderful presentation to highlight the importance and plight of wolves.  I highly recommend this presentation to grades 3 and under!” --- Amy Eshelby, 1st – 3rd grade, Childpeace Montesorri School, Portland, Or. 

Everything was really covered well and tailored to our studies. Going back and forth between speaking and showing visuals was perfect for our age group and helped with engagement. You really impressed both the kids and adults at City View."
--Tonya Mauk, 6th grade teacher, City View Charter School, Hillsboro, Or.

  • Life in a wolf pack
  • Wolf communication
  • Physical and social adaptations for survival
  • The role of wolves in the ecosystem
  • Wolves that live in Oregon or Washington
  • Many more fun and interesting facts! 

The presentation content and style will vary according to the childrens' age level. Programs are available in northern Oregon state and southern Washington state and can be given to any interested group, including public and private schools, girl scouts, boy scouts, libraries, nature centers, private groups and community centers. 

Wolfways at St. Johns Community Center Pre-K Class
Howling for wolves!

These programs are available free of charge and are presented by outreach education volunteers representing Wolf Haven and Oregon Wild.

Questions? Want to schedule a presentation? Please contact wolfways.edu@gmail.com 

Resources for Educators

Video: How Wolves Change Rivers

This video touches on complex ecological science and some topics are oversimplified. While the underlying science is not simple, it is sound. Like all rigorous scientific endeavors, our understanding of complex ecology is constantly evolving and being informed by more recent research. You can keep up here

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