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Winter Spring 2020 Newsletter Cover

The Oregon Wild newsletter is a great source of information about our important conservation work, hikes and events, and news about our organization.

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Winter Spring 2020 Newsletter cover photo © Lucas Rietmann.


Taking action for climate forests; Also: Beavers can restore our landscapes

The court fight for Eastern Oregon forests; Also: Hiking the Oregon River Democracy Act

The story of our forests; Also: wolves and wolverines win in court!

Let them grow, Also: a watershed moment for Oregon's private forests

A bird's eye view of Oregon, Also: An exciting future for our rivers

Wild & Scenic Summer, Also: the fight for a livable climate

Oregon's forests fight climate change! Also: priorities for the new Biden administration

Standing tall for old growth, public lands during a pandemic, and the logging industry's dirty secrets exposed

21 wild ideas for the future, remembering OR-7, and east side old growth at risk

A new future for Wild & Scenic Oregon, balancing recreation and conservation, and remembering a Wildlands Warrior: Mary Gautreaux.