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The work Oregon Wild does to protect and restore our forests, waters, wild lands, and wildlife means there are countless opportunities to learn, explore, and enjoy our beautiful state. 

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Oregon Wild's staff work to engage our supporters and the public in online webcasts and discussions, community events, happy hours, art and photo contests, and hikes throughout the year. We hope you'll join us to learn something new, dive a little deeper into an issue, or explore a new place.

Outdoor Photo Contest

Each year, the Oregon Wild Outdoor Photo Contest seeks images that will inspire the protection of Oregon's wildlands, wildlife, and waters for generations to come. 

Oregon Wild Map Gallery

Check out interactive maps of wild roadless lands across Oregon, maps of proposed wild and scenic rivers and wilderness areas, wildlife ranges, and other maps that help tell the story of our work to protect and restore Oregon’s special places. 

Explore Wild Oregon 

Oregon is blessed with some of the most beautiful and inspiring landscapes in America. From the majestic silhouette of Mount Hood, to the rushing whitewater and wild salmon of the Rogue River, Oregon is truly a special place! Oregon Wild works to protect our state’s wildlands and helps Oregonians get outdoors to enjoy them. Here are some ways you can explore wild Oregon.

Guided hikes and outdoor activities:

Join us by getting involved, getting outside, and help to preserve our incredible state for all Oregonians and future generations. Every year we lead hikes and snowshoe trips, and offer occasional kayak, service, and camp-out trips around the state. Find upcoming guided hikes here! 

Suggested outings:

Love the outdoors but need inspiration to get out there, discover new places, and deepen your connection to Oregon’s wildlands? We have lots of recommendations to help you get the most from a visit to an old favorite, and to discover new places to explore.

  • View our suggested outings: Our list of trails includes hikes of a variety of difficulties, locations, and landscapes, and are connected to our campaigns to protect ancient forests, wild lands, Wild and Scenic Rivers, and wildlife habitats.
  • Evergreen Hiker Series: As a special benefit to our Evergreen Society members who give $10 or more a month, we deliver fresh, hand selected hike information to your email inbox throughout the summer. Join the Evergreen Society today
  • Oregon’s Ancient Forests: A hiking guide. Check out this book, written by Oregon Wild staffer Chandra LeGue, which lays out the natural and political history of the ancient forests that remain after a century of logging, and highlights 91 hikes in diverse forests across Oregon. 
  • Get inspired!  Learn more about some of our favorite places to explore on our blog and webcasts where we often explore things like hikes in burned forests, trails along proposed Wild and Scenic Rivers, and relate special places to our campaigns to protect them. 

Best practices and resources for exploring Oregon

Whether you’re new to getting outdoors or an old pro, interested in a short stroll or an epic adventure, it’s great to refresh your knowledge on some of the basic ways to be responsible, safe, comfortable, and have fun when you’re exploring Oregon’s wild places. 

First off, we all need to do our part to be responsible to the outdoor spaces we share with each other, wildlife, plants, and water. Learn more at Leave No Trace and the Center for Outdoor Ethics.

In addition, we’ve compiled some best practices and other resources to help you learn about: 

  • How to plan ahead and prepare for a trip: To get ready for a hike, doing a little research and preparing for conditions you’ll encounter can mean the difference between a great outdoor experience and one turned memorable for all the wrong reasons.
  • What you need to get outside: Whether you wear Patagonia or hand-me-downs, enjoying the outdoors doesn’t take as much gear as you might think. What are the basic essentials you should bring on a hike? 
  • Trail Etiquette: What are some of the best practices that respect other trail users?
  • Ensuring your personal safety: Knowledge of first aid and how to handle emergencies and wildlife encounters is an important part of staying safe outdoors. 
  • Connecting to other outdoor groups: From trail maintenance, education, and enhancing diversity in the outdoors, there are plenty of other organizations to get involved with!
  • Favorite books and resources: We can’t do a deep dive on everything outdoors here, but our staff have compiled some favorite books and sites to help you go as deep in the woods as you want to.

Upcoming Events: Learn about and explore Oregon through educational webcasts, events, and hikes!

Oregon Wild's staff work to engage our supporters and the public in online webcasts and discussions, community events, happy hours, art and photo contests, and hikes throughout the year. We hope you'll join us to learn something new, dive a little deeper into an issue, or explore a new place.

Looking for hikes, but not seeing anything scheduled? Please see our suggested outings page or join our Evergreen Society to get exclusive hike suggestions!

Green herons, by Dan Kearl.
Hikers in Echo Basin, by Chandra LeGue.
A hiker in the Devil's Staircase Wilderness, by Chandra LeGue
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